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Travel Insurance & Risk

As an advisor, Rasenna Consulting, Inc. has worked with some of the largest travel and volunteer organizations in the world. 

As a broker, Rasenna Consulting, Inc. has access to a variety of travel insurance options for groups.  We're your guide to how the industry works.


We love to educate and explain about the travel insurance coverages your group will need while traveling abroad.

First is to consider your organization's risk management thinking.  How involved are you when there is an emergency?  Then, selecting benefits for the travel insurance product that fits.

Core Travel Insurance

Find out about our patented  brand of customizable Group Travel Insurance

Core Travel Insurance Program

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The principal of Rasenna Consulting, Inc. is Fiona Lally, CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter), ARM (Associate in Risk Management).  In business since 1992, we take pride in designing and managing travel insurance programs for organizations and have handled the insurance coverage for hundreds of thousands of their travelers.  Here, only top insurance companies are used to put together unique programs for our clients. 

Rasenna Consulting Inc. also offers workshops and seminars on travel insurance, risk, and crisis management for international volunteer and travel-based organizations.  We've spoken at more than a hundred national and international conferences on these topics. 

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Find out how to purchase Core Travel Insurance.   We looked for years for coverage like this, and finally we built it.

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