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Matching Travel Insurance to Good Risk Management

If you are an organization that sends groups overseas, you have two major risk management goals.  One is the health and safety of your travelers.  The second is the protection of your mission, the reason you are in business. 
Your travel insurance program should not only respond to traveler emergencies, it should also support your business operations and your reputation, help keep your costs low, and delight your customers.

Travel Insurance Program

Good travel insurance for groups doesn’t mean providing every benefit under the sun. The policies with the highest limits aren’t necessarily the best.  Some of the most important aspects aren’t mentioned in the policy summary.  How should you choose? 

We know the construction of travel insurance that works best for groups like yours, based on years of experience with all kinds of organizations. We consider:

• Price—premiums and deductibles  
• Benefits—what’s covered   
• Terms & conditions—how the policy pays
• Exclusions—what the policy doesn’t pay
• Service—claims and assistance        
• Support— the role for your organization in an emergency 


Valued Clients

Clients often ask us to evaluate their travel medical insurance policies, and we are happy to do that.  If it’s a great fit, we say so.  If it’s not, we refer them to good options or advise on how we can build the right product for them.  Clients we serve include:


• International travel organizations
• Schools and universities
• Exchange organizations

• Internship and work travel organizations
• Gap Year or Bridge Year programs
• Employer groups

Core Travel Insurance

For years we looked for a group insurance program that could be customized for client groups that could be very diverse.  Maybe their travelers came from all kinds of locations and were all traveling to different places.  Maybe they needed different limits for coverage, or wanted to extend their coverage dates occasionally.  Maybe some really wanted baggage coverage or trip cancellation.  Although the whole group should have a basic package for risk management purposes, sometimes one size doesn’t fit all.  Everyone should have the option to adjust their core coverage if they want to.

That’s why we built the industry’s first customizable group insurance product…and patented it.  It’s called Core Travel Insurance and your group can use it.  Contact us today for more information.

Contact us today for more information about group travel insurance.